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Hindustan Animal Feeds (HAF®) is a Jamnagar (Gujarat) based Company engaged in Manufacturing and Exports of Compound Domestic / Zoo Animal and Bird Feeds since 1998 - 99. HAF® producing more than 1670 different types of Animal and Bird feeds in its five sophisticated production establishments, out of which three units each producing 150 MT Feed per day and two units each producing 250 MT feed per day (Total 950 MT/Day) basis. Apart from the same HAF® has a separate dedicated Wheat Milling Facility (producing 220 MT/Day Wheat Bran Fine / Coarse) and Corn Meal Production Unit (producing 900 MT/Day Corn Meal). HAF® had India’s first Organic Animal Feed Production Unit between the period of 2013 to 2019 with an allotted production capacity to produce 10 MT/Day 100% Organic Animal Feed by SGS India as per NPOP and NOP Standards, approved by India and other countries of the World.

Feed Science
All Animal and Bird Feeds produced by HAF are based on Bio Organic Stimulation Technology which is one of the most advanced feed formulation technologies invented and developed in Netherland. That focuses on effective utilization of core nutrients that enables the productivity in Organic Pattern. Wherein attaining highest digestibility is the key factor of target orientation. Nutritional Balance of Essential and Non-Essential Nutrient contents in each feed has been vital aspect of concern.

Feed Production
Wide range of feeds are produced in the form of Coarse Mash, Pellet and Crumbles. Which are produced under one of the most advanced Production Methodology called Feed Extrusion. The practical relevance of Feed Extrusion method for feed production is minimal due to its extremely high production cost. At HAF® the production cost and formulation policies are never compromised. Highly cooked and nutritionally blended products attain highest efficacy in life sciences. Today adding daily feed supplementation is a common practice, which itself is self-explanatory that compound feeds that are produced doesn’t maintain a nutritional equilibrium and digestive efficacy of the food intake. HAF® product range resolves all such imbalances to curb the disorders in the captive life process. Gastric Colic, Gastritis, Reproductive disorders, Musculoskeletal disorders, Adverse and Advance Neurological disorders are direct impact of the economical mode of feed selection and low TDN feeding practice in Domestic and Zoo Animals. At HAF® all such active and passive concerns are directly analysed / considered before the feed formulation process.

Forage Production
HAF® has a dedicated integrated fodder farming policy functional since 1998. Wherein different forage hay grasses of Sorghum, Rhodes, Peanut, Corn and Alfalfa are farmed, harvested, hayed, baled and pelleted by HAF® directly under its control and supervision in integrated farming structure. Sourcing hay grasses from traders or supplier diversely located in different part of the country – has never been the policy and practice of HAF®. This practice ensures effective quality control and avoidance of biological disorder in Animals. The Grass Hay of any crop is a major food intake in the daily life process of the Animals. Low profile quality has always proven fatal for Animals.

HAF® Zero Import Policy
HAF® doesn’t support or practices the imports of Feed Raw Material and Fodder Grass Hays. The huge environmental and vast land diversity has the direct impact on the nutritional structure with in the Grain Seeds (and seed derivatives) and Forage Grass Hay as well. The consistency in the feed and forage can attain effective equilibrium from the locally available source of food and forages. The rate of deviance is easily maintainable. So all complete feeds and fodder grass hays produced by HAF® are on Make in and Grown in India basis, which has expanded our level of perfection in life sciences.

Our Reach
HAF produces 1.5 Million Tons of Complete Animal Feed per Annum. That comprises of 97% Exports and 3% Domestic Business. With a Net presence in 54 Countries of the World under different Brands associated with HAF

  • 57% Direct Exports on Collaboration basis (in 32 Countries of the World)
  • 19% Direct Export on B2C basis (in 19 Countries other than Business Collaborations)
  • 13% Exports on Trans Exports Basis
  • 8% Exports on Buyer Branding basis
  • 3% Domestic Sales

Major Importing Countries
Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, South Africa, Senegal, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Ukraine, Romania GCC Countries, Eastern China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia and other EU Countries.

Overseas Business Dynamics

  • Livestock Feed: 62% (Cattle, Pig, Goat, Camel, Sheep, etc)
  • Equine Feed: 12% (Horse)
  • Ratite Feed: 7% (Ostrich, Emu and Rhea)
  • Zoo Animal Feed: 6% (Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, etc)
  • Bird Feed: 16% (Exotic Birds, Fancy Birds, Pet Birds etc)

HAF Associated Business Brands (Includes Partly and Wholly Owned)

  • HAF (Worldwide)
  • ndiana Feeds & Fodders (African Countries)
  • Mc Polson Nutri Feeds (Latin American Countries)
  • Royal Feeds (Worldwide)
  •  Miracle Feeds (Worldwide)
  • Nexus Animal Nutrition (Worldwide)
  • Tyson Hen Gain (South East Asian Countries)

Why HAF Products

  • It offers a complete package of Essential Nutrients.
  • No additional supplements are required to enhance the productivity.
  • Usage of Non-Synthetic Nutrients such as fruit-based vitamins and chelated minerals.
  • Feed Formulation on Geographical Adaptability basis.
  • Feed diversification on climatic requisite basis.
  • Highly Digestible (87%) feed ration that nullifies the scopes of Gastric Ulcers (in Ruminants) and Colic (in Equines).
  • High Performance and Significant Productivity in minimal time frame.

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Hindustan Animal Feeds

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