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Climatology and Feed Dynamics

Climatic Conditions and Temperature Inversion has a very in depth impact in the Biological Process of Animals and Birds  such as Feed Intake, Milk Production, Weight Gain, Egg Laying, Biological Mating and digestibility aspects.

We Humans Beings have wide variety of food consumption patterns in different seasons and its due to our mental developments and wider scope of selection. The same is not possible in the case of Animals and Birds in captive conditions. They consume what is served by us and finally results in loss of Production and Procreation.

This is the only reason why India is having largest Ruminant Population in the World but we rank at 10th Position in Production. We want our current and prospective clients to learn that Hindustan Animal Feeds is the only Company in the World that produces feeds as per the season requirement of the Animals and Birds.

Seasonal Impacts such as temperature inversion has a vital impact on the milk production of the livestock, as they have no independent system of cooling and heating their body internally as well as externally. For maintenance of the general temperature of their body all they have to depend is on their diet (feed). Illustratively it means during summers there is excessive heat factor, due to which milk production decreases and similarly during winter they loose milk due to excessive cold climate specifically in the morning milking period. For resolving this problem adequate quality revision at feed formulation level is necessary but that is not done.

The feed that is consumed by the animal is first utilized for controlling the internal temperature of the body and then after in the secondary application aspect it is utilized in the energy form for secreting milk. During monsoon climatic factor is utmost favorable for livestock in milk production aspect but the quality of the milk is diminished due to availability of vast pastures of green fodder. Normally animals are left free for grazing in such green pastures, due to such grazing % of SNF (solid not fat) and Fat is gradually reduced even though the right quantity of concentrate is fed. In such cases, again the revision at feed formulation level is necessary, but in the Global Commercial Feed Manufacturing Industry such fact are discarded to great extent, due to ineffective application Animal Nutrition standards. All such facts are very well considered and required steps for the same are taken at HAF (India).

At HAF feed formulations are dynamic on the seasonal requirement basis, wherein basic seasonal requirement of the Calves is duly considered, which is very essential to sustain productivity during all the seasons. That means an Umbrella in Monsoon, A Jacket in winter and a T-Shirt in summer.

Seasonal Feed Dynamics
Hindustan Animal Feeds produce feed on seasonal requirement basis, that mean every batch of the feed changes at every four months, which is absolutely based on the seasons. There will be a different feeds for Animals and Birds in Monsoon (Rainy), Winter and Summer Seasons of each year. This will result to a monotonous and uninterrupted growth of the Animals and Birds.

Feed Dynamics – Based on Global Warming
Due to intense Global Warming Factor, climatologically the global climate facts have reached to anomalous situation. Wherein unexpected extreme rains, snow falls and heat cycles have generated global climatic statistics. These factors have a great impact in Animal and Bird Biology. One cannot change the climatic conditions as well as the species, but appropriately nutrition can be upgraded as per the natural diversities. We Hindustan Animals Feeds, upgrade our entire product line of more than 600 products annually, the feed up gradation process is upgraded to the extent of Natural Tolerance level and Biological Sustainability basis, which is not done by any feed producer of the World.

Feed Dynamics – Based on Geographical Condition
Its a well known fact that countries in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have different seasons and exactly opposite of each other. In the same manner countries located on different longitudes and latitudes have different environmental conditions. Also the tropical and arid zones of the world have different scenario. What we mean is a feed that is produced for Indian Consumers is 100% not suitable for Australian Consumers. As at both the places there are different environmental conditions. Animals and Birds are highly responsive towards the local environmental conditions. Hindustan Animal Feeds produce feed on the basis of climatic condition basis as well as on environmental responsive basis. A common Broiler Chicken would different for India, New Zealand or Saudi Arabia. We formulate the feed on the basis of geographical location basics. This is the only reason why our feeds are very well placed in twenty seven countries of the world.

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